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2004 Official Salsa Step List For Bronze, Silver, Gold and Bronze Shines

2004 Official Int'l Latin  and Standard Step List For Bronze, Silver,  and Gold



What is an AAU Club and how do I benefit from AAU Membership?

Club Membership is optional though necessary to receive AAU mailings, event notification, voting rights in AAU elections, club practice insurance and to sanction AAU tournaments that you host. As a club you will also receive a Membership Certificate. Please check with your local association for specific fee schedule. Please note the Club Membership is not valid unless you have at least two individual registrations associated with the club.
What is a Sanction?

Sanctions are mandatory if you plan to host an AAU event. The sanction form must be filed with the local association office prior to hosting your event (30 days is sufficient). Please check with your local association office for specific fee schedule on sanctions. Instructions for filing a sanction are on the first page of the sanction form. Your sanction will be approved by the local association office and a sanction number issued at the same time.
What is a Request for a Third Party Certificate of Liability Insurance?

This particular form is only to be filed with your local association if you have been requested to by the facility or venue you will be using for practices or events. The AAU does charge a nominal administrative fee to process the certificate for you. The local association office will request your certificate from our insurance carrier and it will be returned to the club contact unless otherwise designated. Please allow 30 days to complete this process.





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Club Membership Application
This is a requirement for all AAU Sanctioned Events..

You must first be a member of the AAU, and then become an AAU Club before you can sanction an event.